Catacomb Crawlers is a unique play-to-earn ARPG game with a modern roguelike incorporated system that can be played on Mobile, PC, and VR (Metaverse). Players are invited to explore a rich fantasy world and fight lots of different crawlers, demons, and monsters in order to ascend their character to a godlike status. Fighting bosses will grant you a small chance to earn boxes containing Heroes, Items, Pets, and many other assets which can be traded on our in-game marketplace.

After analyzing the majority of the current games in the Blockchain industry and the extraordinary evolution of games with roguelike incorporated systems, we were able to come up with a new idea to offer a game that can be a real success. We aim to create a game that includes all types of players, from the usual crypto investors to the normal gamers, in order to capitalize on the massive industry of 3 billion gamers worldwide.

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Unique growth system

$CRWL is our multi-utility ecosystem token which allows players to earn through PvE and PVP game modes, owning Legendary, Mythical, or Ultimate assets, staking or selling assets on our in-game marketplace. The token will be available for purchase via a standard CEX/DEX as well as our Catacomb Crawlers in-game marketplace.

We also included the idea of making an unlimited rewarding system, aside from the standard reward structure used in typical Blockchain games. We are additionally spending 21% of monthly in-game net income to purchase back tokens and regularly reward our players. In addition, we will spend 4% of in-game net income to buyback and burn tokens to minimize the regular Bear Market impact, making our game one of the most profitable and promising games in the long run.

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Team and Creators

Our team consist of seasoned game developers and artists. With over 10 years of experience each, we have found a way to combine immersive gameplay and high-quality NFTs to keep the investors and players more involved with our game. Some of our artists worked for companies that are well-known in the video-games industry, such as Riot Games, Square Enix, NCSoft, and many other titans of the game industry. We are going to raise the bar of Blockchain Gaming, coming up with high-quality gameplay, amazing NFTs, soundtracks, and cinematics that are comparable to the 'AAA' studios

We'll be showcasing the entire game development, characters, and soundtracks creation on our social media, so don't forget to join us and build together the future of Blockchain Gaming!

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